4 Ways to Ensure Customer Continuity During the Holidays

Author: Mary Barlas

As you prepare to unplug and relax this holiday season, we want to offer some tips on how to offer customer continuity during the holidays:

  • Keep in contact – send notes to customers informing them of times you will be out of the office. Keep them up to date on who they can contact with questions regarding their business with you. Our favorite way to do this is putting upcoming OOO dates in our email signatures.
  • Collaborate early – with our CPQ software we know that offering the best product means we need to be on call to make tweaks to our product as needed. We make a point to be proactive to solve issues before they arise, leading to less New Year’s Eve calls. Integrate the software onto your website directly so your customers can self-service quotes.
  • Say Thank You – one of the best feelings is feeling appreciated. Let you customers known how much their business means to you.
  • Finally, unplug, if even for a day. Rest and relaxation are critical. Returning with a rejuvenated outlook and fresh ideas on customer needs will boost your relationship with existing customers.

Don’t forget that the best way to maintain continuity does not always have to be complicated.

About the Author

Mary Barlas is a nurse by day and Quick2Bid's resident marketing expert by night and weekend. Mary began marketing for startups over a year ago. Mary feels pride in providing transparent, customer focused marketing in the technical start-up space.