What is CPQ and how can Quick2Bid help you achieve your strategic goals?

Bill Barlas

"What is CPQ and how can Quick2Bid help you achieve your strategic goals?"

Configure Price Quote is a software capability that helps Business to Business sellers quote complex combinations of products and services. Quick2Bid would be pleased to assist you with your implementation. Please take a look at the list of business benefits we have put together for our Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system:

  • Deliver more compelling proposals - Empower sales teams and partners to quickly prepare accurate and compelling proposals which can be seamlessly converted to orders while removing the risk of human error.
  • Replace manual/excel spreadsheets - Transform time-consuming manual processes that cause internal bottlenecks with an application built to remove spreadsheets and automate your sales process.
  • Increase cross and up-sell opportunities - Guided selling via systematic rules and approvals increase the likelihood of identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities allowing sales reps to close higher margin deals.
  • Drive faster sales conversion- Build an enhanced sales process to deliver more professional accurate quotes and proposals that drive faster sales conversion.
  • Enhanced customer experience - Optimized buying experience guides customers through an accurate and efficient online sales process to greatly increase the prospect of a sale.
  • Reduce quoting risk - Manage risk by implementing automated approvals and permissions for sales to keep pace with product updates and price changes.
  • Optimize employee productivity - Ensure key personnel such as IT staff and sales stay focused on their daily responsibilities with any extra time spent on specific value-added tasks, not preparing quotes or fixing quoting systems.
  • CRM and ERP Agnostic  -We are built with REST API to ensure a quick integration with any CRM and ERP instances.  Enjoy a quoting system with direct Salesforce, Dynamics, Pipedrive CRM integrations 
  • Quick Start Implementation -We focus on identifying your challenges and implementing simple solutions around those challenges so you can begin using the system quickly then scale later.

About the Author

Bill Barlas is the founder of Quick2Bid. Bill began implementing enterprise software for corporate companies years ago, and prides himself on being caring and communicative in order to drive business results.