Quoting shouldn't

be stressful.

Are you hunting for product data, and using spreadsheets that are out of date? Do you question the integrity of your proposals? Let's work together to give your customers the service they deserve! With the power of cloud-based quoting software, you will never have to worry about missed opportunities.


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Quick2Bid Software Integration Case Study

Watch Anne, our co-founder talking through the way Quick2Bid helped FabtekAero transform the way they create proposals with a custom CPQ.

Learn more about our software partner, Xait

Check out this video to learn more about the basics of Xait. Of the companies we interviewed, Xait stood out to us because the technology is the most versatile and easy for customers to then update.

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Elevate Service

Implementing proposal software includes creating dynamic pricing models. We will help you navigate the world of opportunity. There is always room to improve and innovate.


Enhance Quality

With proposal software, you will never have to question if a product is out dated. Through an agile approach, we will create a roadmap to completion, create a solution unique to you and execute. This is where your quote process will really come to life.


Eliminate Bottlenecks

Sales automation with software cuts costs from sales and manufacturing processes. Learnings, usage and analytics will tell us how to best optimize to continuously reach your customers and maximize your growth potential.