We know a thing or two.

We know how hard you work to generate leads. Let's make sure you close them. See how our solution can deliver increased quality, improved service and better pricing in your proposals. 

A custom solution to meet your needs.

Your business is manufacturing.

Manufacturing businesses focus on quality, service, and price to ensure increased revenue, and great customer satisfaction. Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solutions can make significant improvement in all three of these areas.

Quotes and engineering proposals are often times the first serious interaction that a customer has with a manufacturing sales organization. By providing rich and correct quotes, proposals, and bids, the chances of sales success are vastly improved.

Service is a huge component of customer satisfaction. By providing quotes instantaneously, and providing sales reps and dealers with self service capabilities for quotes, winning the job is much more possible.

Price is another key contributor to success in a sales organization. By maintaining price and margin control, maintaining pricing logic, and allowing reps to access commissions quickly, more sales are made at the right price.

Your business is distribution.

Have a huge line card? Want to make sure you maximize revenue from all the manufacturers your company represents? We are here to help! Quality is key, as you are the final line of defense for your customers. We can provide world class quote outputs with your branding. Our tools include all the products you represent, meaning your time to train new salespeople is much faster!

Do you struggle waiting on various manufacturers to get quotes turned around? Are your salespeople overwhelmed by the number of sales calls, and all of the back office work required to get proposals turned around? Our solutions are built specifically to alleviate these issues.

Your business is contracting. 

Quickest to bid, make sure you win! We know that a big reason for winning business is that you participate in as many bids as possible! Our solutions can turn estimating and writing bids for hours to minutes. This allows your construction estimators to bid more and win more business.

Your business has many complexities. You have to bid equipment, and services. We can improve the quality and speed of your bids by ensuring you are able to quote both at maximum speed and efficiency.