CPQ for Aftermarket: Reduce Time to Quote Aftermarket Parts by 50%

Bill Barlas

Discussed in Introduction to CPQ ( Configure, Price, Quote), what are “configurators”?, Quick2Bid introduced the concept of a digital price book in the form of CPQ software. This software maintains a source of truth for pricing, and acts as a product configurator system for products. It outputs quote documents automatically based on selections, handles internal approvals seamlessly, and drastically reduces the time to get a quote in the hands of your customers. 

This is great for new product sales, but what about aftermarket and retrofit needs? Parts departments are constantly struggling with product compatibility as replacement parts become obsolete. This requires lengthy analysis of old Bills of Materials, and ultimately wastes time. See more at CPQ for Aftermarket

CPQ can help your organization find compatible parts quickly and efficiently in the following ways: 

  • Product Compatibility: Choose a product, and identify the spare parts needed within that product’s page. Manage possible substitutions, and create spare part quotes immediately. This allows customers, vendors and internal staff to quote spares readily and easily. 
  • Handle Obsolete Parts: Mark parts as obsolete within the software, and readily identify possible replacements.
  •  Analyze Bills of Material: When you have a BOM in the same place as your spare parts, it becomes seamless to identify spare parts.
  • Manage Vendors and Lead Times: With a database of components organized by vendors and lead times, your customer can analyze price and availability real-time. 

Quick2Bid is dedicated to eliminating wasted time during the sales cycle. We provide you with a tailored business strategy to up your sales game, so you can increase your market share. If your parts department is struggling with aftermarket product compatibility, let’s talk. 

About the Author

Bill Barlas is the founder of Quick2Bid. Bill began implementing enterprise software for corporate companies years ago, and prides himself on being caring and communicative in order to drive business results.